The Float-N-Sled and Float-N-Chill Story

   I always enjoyed the outdoors. Some of my fondest memories are when my family and friends would go boating, camping, and spend the day at the lake. We loved being out on the water. We would purchase numerous cheap throw-away rafts that would pop after only a few uses and would not float much weight.  

   I wanted to create something different, to make the most durable and versatile swim raft for a variety uses.  To insure the product would float more weight for everyone’s enjoyment, be portable for travel, takes up less storage, and above all have safety features.

   After playing with many prototypes designs and testing materials, we made improvements and found more uses for our product.  We tested it on the ocean, Great Lakes, floated down rivers, towed behind boats, kids played on them,  dogs loved them,  we even tested them on some challenging Michigan UP sledding hills.

   The end result I am proud to say, the final versions are the Float N Sled and the Float N Chill raft platform.  We are offering the highest quality swim rafts that will float the most weight, will last for many seasons, it’s pet friendly, can be used as a camping sleeping mat and that is a great snow platform! All year round fun!

   We selected to use the best materials. The covers are made of a tough denier top and a durable vinyl bottom and side. We have added six handles and an anchor/tow strap. We have also a design feature with a top and bottom Velcro flap that you can connect two or more together securely side by side for endless fun! Both products utilize the same cover.

   We offer three flotation options to slide into the cover. The Float-N-Sled (FNS) has 9-foam beams that are placed inside the cover providing an extremely stable flotation platform.  The Float-N-Chill (FNC) offers a durable single chamber inflatable that is placed inside the cover. This offers an optimal portability and storage option. The Float-N-Fit (FNF) uses a drop-stitch insert, providing stiffer platform for yoga.


There is not a swim raft made that is as versatile and durable as the Float-N-Sled Product line.